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Construction Management

Our advanced technologies, years of experience, and reliable construction methods put us in the top tier when it comes to quality, efficiency, and return on your investment. We work alongside our clients to establish open communication, set realistic deadlines, and maintain an efficient and safe jobsite from start to finish.

By working with Mountain West Consulting, you can rest assured knowing your project is consistently monitored and inspected, safety regulations are enforced, and the most adaptive and innovative techniques are implemented. We take pride in exceeding expectations.


Functions included:

  • Long Range Forecast Development and Review
  • Project Scope adherence
  • Maintain Project Schedule
  • Maintain Project Budgets and Contingency
  • Managing Contract Change Orders
  • Submittal Reviews and Approval
  • Manage all project documentation
  • Maintain Compliance to All Design Criteria by Contractor
  • Manage and Administer Engineering & Construction Contracts
  • Risk Management Analysis
  • Procurement Support
  • Project Close-out Activities